To register for a new league number, fill out the form below. We will email you back a league number you give to all your team members.

Why Should You Join a League?

  • FREE to Enter!!
  • $150.00 Season Top Dog Prize (Highest Score in Season)
  • $150.00 Big Brain Award (Played Most Times In Season)
  • $2500.00 Purse Total Seasonal Winners

How Does The League Work?

  • Sign up and your team will be provided with a League Number
  • Each time you play give your League Number to your host before the game.
  • Your top 20 scores for the Season will make up your Season score. Your lower scores drop off. Top 25 teams in each League Region at the end of the Season automatically go to Finals.
  • Play as many times of the week you would like at any Mi Trivia or My Trivia Live Location
  • At the end of the season, Playoffs will commence (max 6 team members during playoffs).
    • Top ranked teams from Season winners are invited to the Michigan Championship Game held twice year.
    • Prizes for 1ST – 3RD places.
  • Next Season to start shortly after first, same rules apply).
    • Top teams from each season for the year will be invited!


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